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Advisera eTraining

Online learning platform for GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Security awareness courses. That offers companies a convenient way to get all their employees to attend online courses and awareness sessions and gives them the ability to monitor their progress and success.

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e2 NetWatch

Powerful and user-friendly designed software for net-flow anomaly detection, log analysis and threat assessment developed for the German security company - E2 Security. Our team was responsible for middleware and application layer development.

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HR recruitment web portal

Web portal specialized for streamlining recruitment processes in a German logistics company Trans Service Team. Candidates submit their job applications which are ranked based on the tailor-made algorithm. Informative emails with application status are automatically sent to all applicants. The HR department can simply review all applications and decide who are going to be their new colleagues.

Full case study coming soon

Draw to Drive

Our team designed and developed a social network for automotive artist and designers with more than 4000 users. Currently is working on new features and a massive redesign.

Full case study coming soon

Sort & Recycle

Fourteen municipalities on Croatian coastline had the need to equip their residents with the knowledge why and how to recycle, garbage collection schedules, recycling yards location, kids guide to recycling, a news feed, and the ability to report illegal landfills. App administrators have the ability to edit app content and track and assign illegal landfill reports.

Full case study coming soon

Design for users

From user experience (UX) design, across branding, prototyping and analysis, up to user interface design (UI), the user satisfaction is our primary focus.

Human–computer interaction done in meaningful, practical, experiential and affective way. All you user wants at his fingertips – with the right colour.

Set up the design to fit your users’ preferences!

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Every business and its challenges are unique. So are yours. We’re a true software development partner who’s focus is to to cover all your technology needs through development services. Regardless of development ecosystem, we learn and adopt fast in order to strengthen your solution

We develop from scratch, take the right approach, plan and execute your ideas. Our expertise goes across platforms and our agile problem-solving path are something we are proud of.

Develop your ideal software solution with us!

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Your organization uses various different systems, technologies, software solution and team-specific tools. We bring powerful infrastructure design and strong clarity to the table.

Your business processes and your infrastructure have to work together. This is our main focus. From planning, across technology implementation, right to the optimization & automation.

Refresh and optimize your infrastructure! Your bottom line will thank you.

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We genuinely take the time to deeply understand your company and your business goals. This should not be rare – this is how we operate. As a result, the work we produce for your IT will immediately resonated with the business part and present a fresh perspective.

There is simply too much going on. The IT space is crowded with the various technologies that may not be a good business fit.

Get the right ideas at the right time!

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Growth hacking

Grow your business exponentially and in the most efficient way. We share the mentality of experimentation, creativity and measurement in order to accomplish your commercial goals.

While other companies simply try to bring you up the ladder, we are using our experience to understand if the ladder leans against the right wall.

Resource-light and cost-effective sales & marketing tactics will help you grow. Are you up for it?

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If you’re looking to enhance your commercial success, business capabilities and digital arise, then drop us a line.